MPLS Benefits

Why MPLS: There is a view that MPLS (Multi-Protocol Label System) is expensive and about to be upstaged by SD WAN. However in our opinion MPLS still wins on both counts.

MPLS is not expensive compared to either a VPN based meshed network and the management required to keep that VPN network functioning, Indeed we would contend that MPLS could well be more cost-effective.

SD Wan is new and will overlay an existing network BUT if that existing network is not performing SD Wan will not make the network perform better.

Here is a short summary of “why” MPLS.


Due to the labelling technology, the speed of performing lookups for destinations and routing is much faster than the standard IP table lookups non-MPLS routers have to perform.


This is a major reason. MPLS networks achieve greater Quality of Service for their customers. Quality of Service (QoS) means exactly that – you can expect a higher standard of service such as reliability, speed, and voice quality.

In addition, MPLS networks are able to assign priorities to the different packets based on what the labels say about that packet. Packets with greater priority, voice over data for example, are given more bandwidth allocation. A packet that which is not deemed as high priority is given less. Obviously sending data such as email or documents don’t need to be assured of the same bandwidth that is required for someone who is wanting to have a telephone conversation.

Faster Service Restore

MPLS networks are also able to restore interrupted connections at a faster speed than typical networks. For example if you lose a network node that is utilising VPN that may not auto restore.


MPLS offers greater security and is often required for companies where enhanced privacy and security is needed in the network. Industries such as Financial Services or Health Care may have regulatory need for better network security.

Small and Large WANs

MPLS is suitable for easy management of both small (2 nodes) to large multinational networks (1000+ nodes). Reconfiguration of networks is so much easier with MPLS and combining new networks that are implemented as MPLS make integration a breeze.

24/7 Monitoring

An MPLS network is normally pro-actively monitored and managed at all times ensuring the extreme reliability and security.

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