MPLS (Multi Protocol Label Switching)

Heard of MPLS?

Does your business have more than one site, or home workers with a requirement for users not based in the main office to securely access private company data such as CRM systems, financial information, stock control, etc?

Increasingly, organisations are also looking to realise cost savings by using their inter-site data network for voice and video communications. This means calls between staff in different offices are free of charge and costly ISDN lines can be de-commissioned.

The traditional method to achieve inter-office communication was to create a VPN (Virtual Private Network) using secure encrypted tunnels over the Internet. This method is reliable and many organisations still use the technology today, but changing to an MPLS network solution offers a number of important advantages.

A traditional VPN has a number of weaknesses, principally because all data requested by remote users transits the public Internet. This can have a negative impact in the following areas:

  • Application performance across the Internet can be quite poor, as it is not possible to guarantee how the traffic gets routed. This often results in higher latency and jitter on connections, which in turn restricts throughput and means certain applications such as IP voice traffic offer poor or unacceptable call quality.
  • As all sites on the network are Internet-facing, a robust security policy has to be adopted at every location. This can be expensive and, as the number of locations on the network increases, a real overhead in terms of IT management time and cost.
  • Adding new sites means that all the routing and security equipment will need to be re-configured – another potentially time-consuming and expensive process.
  • Due to their complex configurations, these networks do not lend themselves to “any-to-any” communications so all users at all remote locations access each other through the main office connection. This is costly, as it means the connection at the main site has to be bigger than necessary.
  • The main site will always represent a single point of failure. In the event that this site can’t be accessed, all users at all locations will be unable to access the information they need.


The amatis MPLS network solution is a secure, flexible, scalable next-generation intelligent Wide Area Network (WAN) solution for organisations with more than one site using a wide range of modern access technologies.

This allows the design and creation of a bespoke network infrastructure tailored to the specific requirements of an individual organisation using the latest technologies.

The amatis core network, closely coupled to our Data Centres in Newbury and Reading Berkshire and London, has been designed and built from the ground up to provide corporate-grade MPLS services, eliminating single points of failure to ensure service continuity for our customers.

Standard features:

  • Secure Private Network
  • Cost-effective, efficient network design to optimise communication throughout the organisation
  • Fixed Annual Rental
  • Broad range of access technologies supported (ADSL, FTTC, EFM, Ethernet)
  • Technology refresh during the contract term to ensure optimum ongoing performance

Optional services

  • Resilient connectivity for key sites to ensure business continuity
  • Managed Internet access providing a single entry and exit point to the corporate network, allowing simple management of security policy
  • Managed hardware for each site with backed up by industry-leading SLAs
  • End-to-end Intelligent QoS (Quality of Service) between sites to ensure latency sensitive applications such as voice and video perform consistently
  • Data centres for co-locating applications directly within the MPLS network as a primary method of access or for disaster recovery
  • Virtualised servers to further reduce infrastructure costs
  • Secure, encrypted offsite back up within the MPLS network
  • Network-level SIP break out from MPLS for voice calls

Have a look at our MPLS Data Sheet amatis MPLS Networks

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