Why choose myamatis cloud?

Very few Cloud providers can provide you a complete solution from your network to your private cloud. We see this as being essential as it gives you end-to-end control of your application delivery and negates the risk of different providers having to connect.

architectural Virtual Datacentre

Architectural Support – our team are experts in designing and managing cloud infrastructure, we work with you to understand your specific needs and design your myamatis cloud environment to fully meet your needs.

secure Colocation Data Centre Services

Secure – we help you protect your private cloud environment. As an ISO27001 certified provider, we take security seriously protecting our environments and helping clients to adopt additional layers of security through next-generation firewalls and advanced malware protection.

resilence IaaS

Resilience – our data centres are designed for high-availability with resilience built into every layer. For customers looking for geographic-resilience, the fact that we operate two data centres connected by a resilient network enables us to seamlessly provide this.

scalability Virtual Datacentre

Scalability & Hybrid Solutions – within your private cloud environment you are able to provision virtual machines as required. When you need more resource, this can be simply configured into your solution and if there is a temporary spike in demand, we can complement your environment with private interconnects to public clouds such as AWS & Azure.

Create Your Own Private Cloud

For customers wishing to create and manage a dedicated server environment off-site, quickly and without the hassle of managing multiple suppliers, myamatis cloud offers a cost-effective solution.

When your myamatis cloud environment has been created, you are free to build and manage your own virtual machines in terms of operating systems, applications, and VMware Snapshots, while amatis manages the underlying delivery platform.


myamatis cloud

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