Simplifying Complexity

With multiple locations, multiple systems and applications, and fluctuating demand the IT environment for retail and distribution companies can be very complex.

Our aim is to simplify this complexity by providing a cloud and connectivity solution that is tailor fitted to each of your locations while being delivered to you as a single managed service. We work closely with you to understand your requirements, constantly monitor these in life and scale and optimise your network to meet the ever-changing demands.

Resilience & Contingency

Retail & Distribution rely on their systems, when these are unavailable, business simply cannot get done. This is why we build in resilience and contingency into the design of our solutions for this sector.

Within our data centres we build in resilience at every level and this is further enhanced by virtualising clouds across our two physical locations. The scale and architectural design of our network enables us to offer redundancy in terms of connectivity utilising both fixed wire and 4G to ensure each location remains online.

Scalability & Agility

Recognising the seasonal variation in demand, our Retail & Distribution solutions have scalability designed enabling for both cloud capacity and connectivity bandwidth to be flexed-up and down as required.

We also appreciate that things can move quickly with new locations and pop-up stores giving little lead-time for infrastructure. Our ability to complement our fixed-wire network with 4G connectivity enables us to deliver this agility and ensure you infrastructure can scale as fast as your business.