Single Cloud, Flexible Deployment

amatis offers a range of options for ISVs and SaaS providers including colocation, single tenant private cloud, multi-tenanted cloud and virtual data centre solutions. This enables you to consolidate your service provision with a single provider and significantly reduce management overheads.

This broad portfolio of options also provides you with the flexibility and scalability you need to align your cloud to demand. We work with you to create an environment that can flex-up and down and provide the different levels of service and resilience demanded by your clients.

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End-To-End Application Delivery

Complementing our two data centres is our own carrier grade network which not only enables us to connect to our partners, but enables our partners to connect to their clients.

Through the delivery of an end-to-end solution from cloud to the end-user, we are able to provide a unique service that guarantees the performance of your applications. We proactively monitor both your cloud environment and the network connectivity ensuring that SLAs are met and the maximum availability is achieved.

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Service Excellence By Design

We are not a commodity data centre provider, we are specialists in cloud and connectivity. As such we take the time to understand your business, your application and your clients needs. We then work with you to design a cloud infrastructure that is capable of meeting all of these needs.

We recognise that we are both judged on service delivery and as such we design our environment and the managed service wrap around these to ensure service excellence. We make every part of the solution resilient and ensure that you have an environment that you can quickly scale and manage.

Lifecycle Software Case Study

Lifecycle deliver high-availability Software-as-a-Service solutions for provisioning, billing, fraud detection and credit management to both mobile and fixed line operators and utility companies. Lifecycle was utilising a number of different data centres to host their SaaS services. The environment in each of these was proving to be unstable to varying degrees and was impacting Lifecycle’s promises to customers and posing a major challenge to growth.

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Case study Amatis Networks ISV

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