Cloud-Based Business Continuity

The cloud enables any business, large or small, to put in place an effective business continuity plan. Our cloud-based business continuity service utilises Veeam Cloud Connect to backup your business-critical data to the amatis cloud. Within our data centres, we replicate your core systems on our low-cost virtual machines ready to spin-up if the need arises.

Snapshot Backup

For organisations utilising our cloud services, we offer the ability to take snapshots of production data to a secondary storage system within our cloud. This can be scaled from a daily snapshot through to near real-time replication. This enables our customers to guard against the accidental loss of data or a failure of their primary storage. This capability enables you to quickly roll-back individual files or complete data sets, minimising disruption to your business.

Cloud Security

As your people utilise any device from any location to access your systems and data, it is no longer sufficient to secure just the perimeter of your corporate network. We complement our cloud and connectivity services with a security offering powered by Cisco Umbrella that protects your cloud and end-users with additional security from the DNS layer.

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