amatis APEX

Delivering uncontended performance and exceptional service at a highly competitive price for businesses in the Thames Valley.

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Ethernet Connectivity


Providing high-bandwidth and low-latency connectivity to businesses that rely on being connected for voice, data and video.

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MPLS Amatis Networks


Supporting you with a highly secure, flexible and scalable intelligent Wide Area Network designed and managed by our specialists.

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4G by Amatis Networks


Enabling you to connect your business wherever it is within hours or to provide a highly cost-effective fall back to your primary connectivity.

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ADSL & FTTC Connectivity


Providing customers with cost-effective and highly reliable direct internet access or a way of connecting branch offices or outlets to the corporate network.

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Cloud and data centre provider

AWS & Azure Connectivity

We enable you to put in place a direct, dedicated and private connection into AWS and Azure cloud environments from your existing network.

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We Understand Networks

We understand networking and connectivity, we have been doing it for almost two decades. We have architected our own national network in a way that ensures we can deliver the best possible flexibility and quality of service to our customers, and we apply the same level of diligence in architecting connectivity and networking for each of our customers.

You will find that we don’t ask you what you want but advise you on what would work best for your specific needs and requirements. Given we own our network, it is not a case of who is offering us the best deal at this time, we are able to offer customers a choice and architect a solution that is right for now and for the future.

Guide To Connectivity

The world of connectivity is often made more complex than it needs to be. ‘Super-fast’ services, fibre vs copper, internet vs private, contended vs uncontended and ADSL vs Ethernet in many cases adds to the baffling jargon. Unless you are a connectivity expert, you may be confused as to the options available to you and what is appropriate for your business or parts of your business.

We thought we would help you out and provide a simple guide to the connectivity options available and where they are appropriate. We have tried our best to keep our guide ‘jargon free’ however, it is not simple in this highly technical area.

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Responsive, Service Excellence

We are neither a broker nor a reseller of connectivity services, that means when you select an amatis service, you are dealing directly with the team that monitors, manages and supports your network. You will find this team meticulous in the way we proactively manage your service and in the rare instances that service fails, focused on doing what it takes to get you connected.

amatis are both ISO9001 (Quality Management) and ISO27001 (Information Security) accredited demonstrating our commitment to adopt best practices and deliver service excellence. We are also problem solvers, that is how we think. So on an ongoing basis you will find us your trusted advisor on how to develop your network to meet changing business needs