amatis APEX: expanding our reach

amatis has invested heavily in expanding its core network directly into local exchanges across the south of England. In 2018 amatis began to create Points of Presence (PoPs) at a number of local exchanges in the Thames Valley and launched amatis APEX. Now amatis is continuing to expand its reach. Check out amatis locations near you.

Amatis APEX is the creation of shorter, direct paths onto our network so we do not incur the charges and inherent issues of using the national network and are able to provide faster delivery timescales and improved scalability of connectivity circuits to our customers at competitive prices.

“amatis APEX has delivered real value to our customers” commented Dan Coady, Head of Sales, amatis, “enabling us to manage our customers’ connectivity from the point of the local exchange, delivering greater resilience, value for money and performance to end-users.”

Now amatis is going to accelerate the roll-out of their network into further local exchanges across the UK over the next two years. This will enable an estimated 117,000 businesses to have direct access to the amatis network, including guaranteed 100Mb/s – 10GE services.

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“The way people look at connectivity services is changing”, said Alex Fossa, CTO, amatis “organisations are no longer satisfied with a best endeavour approach to service, they want performance, resilience and a managed service that is fully aligned to the needs and pressures of their business – with amatis APEX, we are able to deliver this.”

As a networking and cloud company, amatis is ideally positioned to redefine how organisations consume cloud and connectivity services.  amatis is already bringing to market value-adding packages including APEX+ which, alongside dedicated ethernet services, are providing built-in 4G resilience, cloud and off-site back-up as an on-net service.

By shortening the distance of connectivity, we inherently reduce risk. We control your connection from the local exchange and as such we can monitor and manage this to deliver on tight SLAs.

“The top three factors that influence businesses choice of connectivity service are speed, reliability and cost.”, commented Richard Sharpe, Director at amatis. “Unfortunately, a compromise is normally required, it is possible to get a fast, reliable connection, but you normally have to pay the premium, likewise you can select the cheapest service, but you normally compromise on speed and reliability.  At amatis Networks, we don’t like compromise and as such have introduced our APEX service that delivers uncontended performance and exceptional service at a highly competitive price.”

Visit our website or contact the team for more information about amatis APEX.