The Story Behind amatis APEX

With the formula one season kicking off at the end of this month, I thought it would be a good time to explain what links our new connectivity services for Reading businesses and fast cars.

Fastest Lap

Just one minute, twenty-six seconds is the time it takes for a Formula One car to get around the 3.7 mile-long racing circuit at Silverstone. To be more precise, it is how long it took Lewis Hamilton in his Mercedes during 2017 qualifying. How this is possible comes down to two factors, taking the shortest viable route and maintaining the greatest speed.

The fastest route through a corner is a straight line through the apex of the bend and this is the same principle that we apply to our Reading connectivity service. Rather than having our Reading customers connect to the Reading Exchange and then to our services via the national network and a break-out point in London, we connect them directly at Reading, creating the shortest route.

80,000 Components

A Formula One car has at least 80,000 carefully assembled components, many of which are essential to the smooth running and reliability of the car. Whereas a network connection is not quite as complicated as this, in a lot of cases your service can traverse many different operators’ networks and service providers control. The amatis principle is simple, the less components, the less complex and the less risk. By having complete control over our customers connectivity and networking from the Reading exchange we can take full ownership of the quality of service we deliver.

2.02 Seconds

This is the fastest time taken to do a Formula One pitstop in the 2017 season. It was achieved by the Williams team on Massa’s car during the British Grand Prix. Our aim is to be faster than that. By placing our network closer to the customer, we are able to proactively monitor a greater proportion of the connectivity and achieve far greater availability rates. If something does go wrong, being based in Reading we are able to respond, maybe not in 2.02 seconds, but pretty fast.

$10m – $20m

Although a tightly guarded secret, it is thought that a Formula One car costs somewhere between $10m and $20m (just a little bit more than your average family car). This is where the comparison with our APEX service stops.  By taking the racing line, we actually remove the cost associated with traversing the national network, a saving we pass on to our clients making our service highly competitive.

You can find out more by contacting the amatis team on 0118 321 9944.