Why self storage companies are connecting with amatis

The self storage industry has grown quickly since its introduction to the UK in the 80’s, there are now over 1,400 facilities across the country. This rapid growth has resulted in difficulty keeping up with IT infrastructure requirements.

Many self storage companies are using Space Manager or similar software that can be run from an on-premise server. These packages can be run just as effectively from a hosted solution eliminating the difficulties of scaling which may pose a risk to business continuity and data security. Legacy network infrastructure and limited internal IT resource also make it difficult to quickly and securely connect new locations and take advantage of market opportunities.

Even the location of self storage facilities can be problematic, very often in industrial areas out of town that, compared with commercial or residential areas, are characterised by poor internet connectivity with lots of legacy copper wiring and frequent outages caused by ongoing building works.

How can amatis help you to overcome these challenges?

Centralising your systems

We can help you to migrate key servers to our highly secure UK datacentres, not only significantly improving your business continuity but also providing a viable way to centralise infrastructure into a single location, reducing both fixed and management overheads. The amatis cloud is built on industry-leading Cisco technology and as such delivers a high performance and reliable solution.

Securing your data and your networks

Keeping customer data secure is vital, even more so following the introduction of GDPR. With applications and data securely managed within an amatis private cloud, managed in line with ISO27001 certification, we can also secure ‘data in motion’ by enabling secure VPN access from all locations to the centralised solution. This provides a true end to end private solution.

Modernising your infrastructure

After moving your servers to our data centres we can virtualise this environment, building in additional scalability to the solution, ideal when operating in an industry where peak trade seasons can fluctuate. Bolster your business continuity with our 4G solutions which offers secondary failover connectivity and can be used to get you up and running at a new location quickly before fixed line connectivity is installed.