Private Cloud vs Public Cloud Service vs Colocation Server Hosting

As your organisation grows, the cost of virtual private cloud services or public cloud solution can sometimes exceed the cost of other alternatives. While the simplicity of a private cloud solution and its scalability are financially attractive during the initial phases of growth, many companies consider going back to the traditional method of co-locating their hosted servers in a data centre.

For quick, short-term deployments, a pay-per-use public or private cloud service deployment can be the most cost-effective way to use a virtual private cloud solution. This can be easily done if end-users are not particularly concerned about security and reliability and need an inexpensive way to implement a quick test environment. Co-locating your servers for hosting in a data centre allows more flexibility and security in some cases that private or public clouds can’t offer.

Private Cloud, Public Cloud and Colocation Comparison

• Public Cloud Security And Compliance Issues

Many companies with PCI or HIPAA compliance issues have stayed away for public cloud environments.

• Highly Customisable Environments In A Cloud Environment

Organizations that have very complex environments usually prefer to deploy them in their own equipment utilising OpenStack private cloud operating systems and not be confined to Public cloud operating systems.

• Large Cloud Deployments

In many cases, large deployments are much more cost-effective to achieve by placing them in their own colocation hosted server environment.

• Cloud equipment manufacturers

Some clients deploying in a public cloud are restricted to a particular type of equipment and operating system.

• Public Cloud Costs and Transparency

Many organisations prefer the control of utilisation and costs. Return On Investment depends on the environment and usage patterns. Comparing Public Cloud to colocation can demonstrate a return in relatively short periods.

• High Control

In colocation environments, many companies can demonstrate a higher control over their own private cloud network.

• Location

Knowing where your services are actually located allows you to inspect the data centre for reliability and redundancy. Public cloud services do not.

Ever company’s situation and requirements are different and a bespoke service to cost-effectively meet your requirements are the best solution. Call us today to see how we can help you manage your data requirements.