How myamatis cloud can make your life easier

What is myamatis cloud?

In March 2022 we introduced myamatis cloud .

myamatis cloud is our new, UK-based private cloud environment which is easy-to-use, flexible and hugely scalable.

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Addressing a need in the market

myamatis Cloud market need

Since 2020, we have seen a revolution in the workplace – during the pandemic working remotely became the norm. Through necessity we all adopted numerous cloud applications (Zoom, Teams, Office365) to continue carrying out our day-to-day tasks. Many businesses were forced to explore cloud solutions – moving data, sharing apps with their teams, giving up on the physical office in favour of a more flexible remote working environment. With so many cloud options and a customer base with varying levels of technical expertise we felt that a flexible, easy-to-use, customisable, self-serve cloud solution was needed in the market.

User Case Scenarios

Migrating Data:  moving some data to the private cloud but keeping some in the public cloud.  How do you keep your data safe?

If customers require enhanced security and performance, we can utilise the amatis carrier-grade network to deliver end-to-end private network and private cloud solutions, even integrating existing public cloud instances with our private interconnect solutions which connect to the public cloud, such as Azure ExpressRoute or AWS Direct Connect.

Moving Office:  the level of expertise needed to navigate pubic cloud is more than most small/medium businesses have in-house

With our easy-to-use interface – we enable customers to self-serve when they need to expand/reduce the size of their environment. They can customise and build their own templates for rapid Virtual Machine (VM) deployment. Customers can use amatis’ easy-to-use sliders for building new bespoke VMs or for scaling resources on existing VMs;  as opposed to being faced with a list of hundreds of options in the big 4 public cloud environments.

Controlling Costs:  your public cloud costs are spiralling due to lack of visibility

myamatis cloud offers transparent billing: customers see what they are using and the forecasted monthly change, in real time, via our portal. Only pay for what is used with hourly billing and limit burstable capacity to maintain budgets.

What makes myamatis cloud different from other offerings?

Our myamatis cloud platform is:

  • User friendly
  • Provides visibility
  • Enables cost control
  • Is flexible and scalable
  • Based on a resilient infrastructure
  • Accessible and experienced support team

Download our myamatis cloud brochure to find out more about the advantages of using myamatis cloud