Business Broadband & Ethernet Transformed for Reading Businesses

Whether an organisation is looking for Business Broadband, Generic Ethernet or Fibre Ethernet the three key factors that are considered are speed, cost and reliability. Unfortunately, this is traditionally one of those mutually exclusive triangles where a compromise is required. It is possible to get a fast, reliable connection, but you normally have to pay a premium, likewise you can select the cheapest service, but you normally have to compromise on speed and reliability.

Not being a company that sits back and accepts compromise, we became galvanised to break this model. Traditionally, connectivity services are provided through a connection to your local exchange, this is then routed over the national network to a ‘central point’ or ‘node’, typically in London where the connection is broken out to the service provider’s network.

A fundamental principle we’ve always had as a business is to try and place our services as close as possible to our customers, this gives us greater control on quality and reliability. When applying this thinking to connectivity the right approach is to shorten the distance from our customers premises to our network, we achieve this by removing the need to traverse the national network and connecting our customers to our network at their local exchange.

The first area to benefit from this approach is Reading. We have invested in placing equipment to connect our network directly into the Reading exchanges enabling businesses in Reading to connect directly to our network and avoid the risk and complexity of the national network and potential congestion for contended services.

This approach is far more than just elegant plumbing, it delivers some significant benefits to our customers. By shortening the distance, we inherently reduce risk, we control the connection from the local exchange and can monitor, manage and optimise the connection to deliver on tight SLA’s, including quicker time to restore on failure. Shortening the connection and negating the need to use the national network reduces costs which we are able to pass on to our customers and this can be significant. For example, for a 100Mb/s uncontended Ethernet Fibre circuit this can result in a typical saving of £7,515 over the term of the contract.

Find out more about our amatis Apex service and find out if it is available in your area by contacting the amatis team on 0118 321 9944.