Amazing Phishing Scam

I couldn’t believe the ingenuity of these phishing scammers, see the extract from an advisory from RBS Bank to their customers using Bankline.

Please do not get caught by this amazing phishing scam. If you are a small business it could be the end of the story for you. If in doubt NEVER download software either attached to the email or as a link from the email. This could equally apply to any bank and any banking system.

Customers are receiving calls from individuals claiming to be from British Telecom (or BT Open Reach).

The caller claims that there is a technical problem with your router or related equipment.

The customer is asked to download software such as TeamViewer, which allows the caller to take control of your computer remotely. This is supposedly to help with the diagnosis of the problem.

Customers are subsequently asked to log-on to Bankline and pay a small fee to BT to cover the cost of the technical support.

However, the fraudster will then use TeamViewer to take control of the session, create additional payments, and trick you into disclosing smartcard codes to authorise the transactions.

You should be suspicious of any unsolicited calls from individuals claiming to represent BT.

Do not follow any instructions from the caller such as installing software, visiting a website or initiating a Bankline session.

Furthermore, you should not allow the caller to remotely take control of your computer.
If you are unsure about the legitimacy of a call, then terminate it. 

Look up BT contact numbers from their website or correspondence such as a recent telephone bill, and seek their advice as to whether the call you received was genuine.

If you have received such a call and are concerned that you may have disclosed confidential information such as smartcard codes, then please contact the Bankline Helpdesk immediately.

Again if in doubt, call your bank, call your internet service provider, or speak to a colleague or a trusted business advisor.