amatis Invest in New Service Management System

amatis Networks has just rolled out the deployment of ServiceNow to enhance our Customers experience at all levels. This is just part of our continuing commitment to give Customers the very best service in the Industry.

This major investment backs up amatis commitment to ISO27001 and the amatis ITIL® Service Strategy.

ServiceNow consists of a number of different elements and amatis will be rolling these out over the coming months.

IT Service Management:

– Implementing ServiceNow has been an easy transformation from our old ticketing system and will offer so much more.

– With the ITIL best practice built in we have now got a world-class support system

– We can assign work fast. Automated routing, drag‑and‑drop assignments, and integrated collaboration make it easy for our provisioning and support teams to work together.

– Simplify service delivery with an easily configured portal which provides amatis staff and customers with a consumer‑like experience for requesting and tracking services.

– Full visibility for all with Dashboards that provide consistent and actionable information for service demand, service‑level compliance, and other key performance indicators.

Self Service Portal:

– ServiceNow offers an IT self‑service portal that lets users submit service requests in seconds. They can request IT services, log issues, search a knowledge base, and track progress using one informative, engaging interface.

– A consumer like experience as it uses a service catalogue as a one‑stop shop for all service requests across all customer services with amatis. Managing requests through a familiar, easy‑to‑use shopping‑cart checkout interface using routine steps to establish clear expectations and delivery timeframes.

– Improve Service quality by Guiding customers with configurable prompts to make sure their issues are routed to the correct team.Keep Customers Informed regarding their issues and requests with online status updates. Enables automatic escalation and recognises SLA terms to ensure that service commitments are delivered.

– Sharing. ServiceNow will Empower our staff and customers to search for solutions and workarounds in a categorised knowledge base. Score articles and collaborate on submitted questions for continuous improvement. Consolidate our corporate documents and FAQ’s in a centralised knowledge base.

Asset Tracking

– ServiceNow provides a single system of record for all IT components, it shows a complete, connected view of systems, networks, and assets, so we can identify and resolve problems faster. We will always know how every system is configured, who has access to it, and what’s installed on it.

– Customers and staff will know their networks and assets as ServiceNow allows us to rapidly deploy and scan IP connected device across multiple domains with an agentless architecture.Flexible scheduling to scan daily, weekly or during off‑peak hours to keep the CMDB up‑to‑date.We can discover installed software applications, versions and license counts to help manage compliance and ensure consistency.

– Manage change – ServiceNow will strengthen our change processing by tracking attributes such as asset age and lease expiration dates. We can quickly identify business service outages related to problems or incidents with a connected asset.We can easily view the impact of change through a business service map of related network devices.

Real-Time Dashboard

– Keep everyone informed  ServiceNow provides real‑time transparency with configurable, role‑based dashboards for staff and Customers.


– One of the reasons that we chose ServiceNow is that we can build and publish service request management solutions for the business in hours. We can create any service request workflow and process, tailored to each department’s individual needs. ServiceNow adapts to any process without a single line of code.

– amatis has a roadmap of additional services that we will roll out once the initial implementation has bedded in.

For more information please contact support on 0118 321 9946 or login to the amatis Service Now Portal