Why amatis for MPLS

We are experts in connectivity and in particular delivering MPLS networks for our customers. Here are just some of the benefits of an MPLS network from amatis:

experts on hand Virtual Datacentre

Expertise – we are specialists in MPLS networks and all of the nuances associated with building performance, scalability and security into the design.

amatis owned network

amatis Owned Network – we have our own corporate-grade MPLS network and as such we do not rely on third-party service providers, we will design, deploy and manage your network.

flexibility 4G

Architectural Flexibility – as a connectivity provider and owner of the MPLS network, we have the flexibility to architect a solution that is focused 100% on your specific needs.

fully managed service MPLS

Fully Managed Service – our team operates 24×7 to support our customers networks. We monitor performance, identifying issues or potential bottle necks before they become business effecting and work with our customers to align our service to business needs.

The Value of MPLS

Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) provides organisations with the ability to overlay a wide range of connectivity options with a highly secure, flexible and scalable next-generation intelligent Wide Area Network (WAN).

MPLS offers a number of advantages over VPN connectivity; it provides a secure private network, enables end-to-end quality of service between sites to support voice and video, and enables managed internet access with a single entry and exit point to the corporate network, making it easier to manage security policies and reducing the risk of managing multiple gateways.

Where is MPLS Appropriate?

For any organisation which has multiple locations or remote workers that requires access to sensitive company data then an MPLS network can deliver that additional level of security and provide a real private network.

For organisations that rely on the availability and low-latency of their WAN, then MPLS is able to be architected in a way to intelligently route traffic in the best performing way. This is particularly relevant for organisations looking to leverage their WAN for voice or video traffic enabling the full support of Quality of Service.

Guide To Connectivity

There are a lot of networking and connectivity options for businesses, we explain your options and explain the pro’s and con’s.
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