Why amatis for Cloud Connect

We are experts in both connectivity and the cloud, this provides some key advantages for organisations looking to seamlessly connect into AWS or Azure:

experts on hand Virtual Datacentre

Expertise – we have expertise and experience in connecting to both AWS and Azure, we take away the complexity and define the solution that best meets your needs.

connectivity Colocation Data Centre Services

Single Network – we are able to make your cloud connectivity a seamless part of your network, whether that be an amatis MPLS environment or your own WAN environment.


accessibility support Colocation Data Centre Services

Fully Managed Service – our team operates 24×7 to support our customer’s networks and the connectivity into their cloud services.


AWS Direct Connect

We are able to put in place a dedicated and private connection into the AWS environment utilising their Direct Connect service. This provides you with access to both public resources such as objects stored in Amazon S3 and private resources such as Amazon EC2 instances.

If you are already utilising the amatis network, we can add this service to your existing managed network. Alternatively, we can deliver this connectivity directly to your office or data centre, providing a direct and secure connection to AWS that meets your bandwidth requirements.

Azure ExpressRoute

We help you to place your Azure cloud services on-net, ensuring a dedicated connection into your Azure environment that meets your requirements for performance whilst ensuring you have a secure, private connection to your cloud.

We are fully competent in utilising Azure ExpressRoute to connect into the Azure cloud environment. If you are currently utilising an amatis MPLS managed network, then this simply becomes part of this network. Alternatively, we can provide a dedicated connection from Azure to your existing WAN infrastructure.

Guide To Connectivity

There are a lot of networking and connectivity options for businesses, we explain your options and explain the pro’s and con’s.
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