What to Demand From Your Colo

Utilising a third-party data centre for your computer servers rather than keeping these onsite or creating your own data centre is a smart move.

For most organisations, creating their own data centre is not only a heavy upfront investment but can prove costly on an ongoing basis. Similarly, housing servers in-house is not making best use of expensive office space, is expensive to power and cool and seldom has full redundancy built into the systems and environment.

Unfortunately, not all colocation facilities are equal. The cost of the service should not be the ultimate
deciding factor, you need to drill down on what is provided, what underpins the service being offered
and consider all of your options that support both your current and your future business plans.

As experts in cloud and connectivity, we thought it would be useful to provide you with a simple guide to the questions you should be asking potential colocation providers to ensure that you select the right partner to meet your business needs.

Colocation Datasheet Amatis Networks Download