Offsite Data Storage

amatis offers AM CloudStor for all your off-site data storage requirements.

If you are looking for a data backup and disaster recovery solution for data in the event of a total loss of your office network infrastructure from whatever reason then AM CloudStor is the ideal solution. You can backup this data to our secure server farm distributed across our Data Centres in Newbury Berkshire Reading Berkshire and the Thames Valley giving you a 100% guarantee that your data storage is safe and secure.

If you are looking for a data repository that can be accessed by remote workers, collaborators or customers without hosting the data on you own network then AM CloudStor is the ideal product for you. Access to this data hosted on AM CloudStor by remote users will free up your own network bandwidth and server load.

AM CloudStor utilises a network of Virtual Servers backed up by SAN and RAID spread across our Data Centres to give total security and 24×7 availability.

You can choose the amount of data storage you use and we do not restrict the size of the data storage or the amount of data traffic you use so you are always guaranteed availability.

Contact Us or call 0118 321 9944 for more information on our range of off-site data storage solutions.