Fastershire (Gloucestershire) Rollout


The rollout for Fastershire (Gloucestershire) is set out in the map above and the tables below. If you see your business in one of these areas and would like to check when you could be connected please fill in this form and we will get back to you immediately.

Stage 1 (November 2015 – June 2016)

Parish Name Cabinet Number
Bisley with Lypiatt FAS05
Brimpsfield FAS05
Chedworth FAS03; FAS04
Coberley FAS02
Cowley FAS02
Compton Abdale FAS04
Colesbourne FAS02; FAS03; FAS05
Dowdeswell FAS06; FAS04
Duntisbourne Abbots FAS05
Duntisbourne Leer FAS05
Edgesworth FAS05
Elkstone FAS02
Hampnett FAS06
Hawling FAS06
Hazleton FAS06
Miserden FAS05
North Cerney FAS03; FAS05
Rendcomb FAS03; FAS05
Sevenhampton FAS06
Shipton FAS04; FAS06
Syde FAS05
Turkdean FAS06
Whiteway FAS05
Winstone FAS05
Withington FAS03; FAS04; FAS06
Yanworth FAS04

Stage 2 (May 2016 – October 2016)

Parish Name Cabinet Number
Aldsworth FAS07
Ampney Crucis FAS07
Bainton FAS07
Bibury FAS07
Bledington FAS11
Broadwell FAS11
Chedworth FAS07
Cold Aston FAS08
Coln St Dennis FAS07
Condicote FAS10
Donnington FAS10; FAS11
Farmington FAS07
Guiting Power FAS08; FAS09
Hawling FAS08; FAS09
Icomb FAS11
Long Borough FAS10; FAS11
North Cerney FAS07
Northleach & Eastington FAS07
Maugersbury FAS10; FAS11
Naunton FAS08; FAS09
Notgrove FAS08
Oddington FAS11
Sherborne FAS07
Stow on the Wold FAS10; FAS11
Sudeley FAS09
Swell FAS09; FAS10
Temple Guiting FAS09
Upper Slaughter FAS08; FAS09; FAS10

Stage 3 (August 2016 – January 2017)

Parish Name Cabinet Number
Aldsworth FAS15
Ampney Crucis FAS12
Ampney St. Mary FAS12
Ampney St. Peter FAS12
Bibury FAS15
Bagendon FAS16
Barnsley FAS12
Barrington FAS15
Baunton FAS12; FAS16
Bourton on Water FAS13; FAS14
Cirencester FAS16
Coates FAS16
Cold Aston FAS14
Coln St. Aldwynes FAS15
Clapton FAS14
Daglingworth FAS16
Driffield FAS12
Duntisbourne Rouse FAS16
Farmington FAS14
Great Rissington FAS13
Icomb FAS13
Little Rissington FAS13
Meysey Hampton FAS16
Maugersbury FAS13
North Cerney FAS16
North Leach & Eastington FAS14
Poulton FAS12
Preston FAS12
Sherborne FAS14; FAS15
Upper Rissington FAS13
Queenington FAS12
Westcote FAS13
Wick Rissington FAS13
Windrush FAS15
Winson FAS12

Stage 4 (November 2016 – May 2017)

Parish Name Cabinet Number
Barnsley FAS19
Bibury FAS19
Coln St.Aldwyns FAS19; FAS21
Down Ampney FAS20
Eastleach FAS21
Fairford FAS20
Hatherop FAS21
Kemble FAS17
Kempsford FAS20
Lechlade FAS20
Little Farringdon FAS21
Meysey Hampton FAS19; FAS20
Marston Meysey FAS20
Poole Keynes FAS17
Rodmarton FAS17
Sapperton FAS17
Siddington FAS17; FAS18
Somerford Keynes FAS17
South Cerney FAS18
Southrop FAS21
Winson FAS19