FTTC ADSL is a well-established technology which is used by a majority of businesses in their work place today.

With relatively low cost and high throughput capabilities ADSL connection is often used for remote home workers to connect into their office networks. Many smaller branch offices and retail locations also opt for ADSL where Ethernet First Mile is not available and where Fibre Ethernet costs are not justified.

AssureNet is now available on all ADSL and FTTC variants

FTTC (Fibre To The Cabinet)

FTTC is the latest evolution of ADSL. With its greater download and upload speeds over ADSL, FTTC will eventually replace the traditional ADSL services that we use today. This is also known as “Superfast Fibre”

So why use amatis Networks ADSL / FTTC?

There are a number of suppliers in the market who can offer ADSL / FTTC services; a key factor that differentiates amatis is we interface directly to BT’s network, via what is known as a BT Central to provide ADSL / FTTC services, our own version of “Superfast Fibre”.

This directly follows on from our guiding principle that we position ourselves as close as possible to the main supplier of a particular service instead of sourcing from third parties.

This ensures amatis deliver the best customer service possible from fault to resolution, wherever you are in the UK.

Why is this important?

It enables amatis to be ultra-responsive to issues that arise with your network connection, because amatis understand the impact this will have on the continuity of your business.

How are ADSL / FTTC provisioned?

ADSL / FTTC is implemented on an existing PSTN line, however, it does suffer from line degradation owing to distance from the nearest exchange and the quality of the existing copper in operation.

It is important to remember that ADSL is a contended service with traffic prioritisation being implemented at the local exchange, so speeds may vary during peak times as a result of traffic levels passing through the exchange at any one time.

Considering a backup circuit?

Many Businesses may also utilise ADSL or FTTC as a back-up fail over circuit to a primary line. Businesses that require a higher degree of availability and it is mission critical for their systems and services to be online 24/7 or available for business reasons, tend to invest in this service for added resilience and continuity.

Advantages of amatis ADSL

  • Always On
  • Fixed Annual Rental
  • High download speeds
  • Traffic is prioritised during exchange congestion
  • The amatis ADSL terminates into a different part of the exchange to our primary Ethernet or EFM connections and utilises a different network carrier into our network, this will improve uptime and resiliency.
  • Provisioned as Internet facing or as a private network
  • Managed router or wires only
  • Totally integrated with the amatis Networks Data Centres in Newbury Berkshire, Reading Berkshire and the Thames Valley giving the Ultimate in Private Network Private Cloud integration.

More Information:

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