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amatis Snapshot Backup

snapshot backup

The amatis Snapshot Backup service SBS works by running a VMware Snapshot on the core storage infrastructure and backing that data off to a separate storage infrastructure in the same data centre. This means that the backup data is protected against a failure of the primary storage infrastructure and also enables individual files to be restored to a live Virtual Machine if the need arises. It represents the next step on from relying on VMware Snapshot alone.

As standard, the amatis SBS will retain a single copy of the data in an unencrypted format in the same data centre as the primary storage infrastructure. Customers can opt for this data to be mirrored to the other amatis data centre to give complete site resilience and can also choose to encrypt the data.

For VPS customers, the Snapshot Backup interval will follow the VMware Snapshot interval of daily or every four hours. For VDC customers, the Snapshot Backup interval can be set on a per-VM basis.

amatis Snapshot Backup offers as standard

  • Data backed up to a separate storage infrastructure
  • High availability RAID storage devices
  • Daily or 4-hourly interval for VPS customers
  • Per-VM interval for VDC customers
  • Backup data held unencrypted
  • Restore whole Virtual Machines or individual files

Have a look at the amatis amatis SBS datasheet

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