amatis Gigaclear sign wholesale agreement

amatis Gigaclear sign wholesale agreement, amatis is pleased to announce that it has signed a wholesale agreement with Gigaclear to deliver gigabit circuits to businesses in the UK.


Gigaclear is rolling out fibre in the ground to deliver gigabit connectivity to homes and businesses in the UK. Based in Oxfordshire, Gigaclear has raised in excess of £40 Million to deliver its dream of fibre to the premises or home. With in excess of 20 digs going on at the moment and having won contracts with a number of Local Authorities to deliver fibre to areas that are not being served by other providers, Gigaclear is one of the fastest growing rural fibre providers in the UK.

amatis is working with Gigaclear initially in the areas of Berkshire, Oxfordshire and Gloucestershire to maximise the availability of high speed fibre to business.

With the amatis focus on Private Networks and Private Cloud, Gigaclear gives a cost effective alternative to existing providers and in many cases is delivering high speed connectivity where none existed before.

If your business is in West Berkshire check the rollout schedule for high speed fibre

If you want to know more about options available to you please give our sales team a call on:

0118 321 9944