Our purpose is to provide our customers with cloud-based services that are meticulously aligned to the needs of their business and are delivered through seamless and secure connectivity.

We have a strong heritage in doing this for our customers ranging from the small local business through to some market-leading brands. You’ll find that we love to challenge our experts to simplify the complex and deliver solutions that are underpinned by our four key areas of value.


At amatis we understand the cloud and we understand connectivity, but more importantly, we take the time to truly understand the needs of our customers. This enables us to do things differently, rather than fit customers to a solution, we fit solutions to customers. We not only have in-depth technical expertise in each of the components we offer, but expertise in how these connect and interoperate, this enables us to architect solutions based on best-of-breed, proven technology that fully aligns to our customers’ needs and ambitions.


The latency of your connectivity or the responsiveness of your cloud hosted applications should not be a case of best endeavours but needs to be aligned to your business needs.

At amatis ‘performance’ is an underlining factor that influences the services we provide and the solutions we architect. We aim to control as much of the point-to-point solution as is physically possible, this enables us to fully control performance. We do the same in our cloud, utilising infrastructure that enables us to optimise performance for each individual customer and avoiding the ‘noisy neighbour’ effect.


Our customers depend on their IT to run their business and as such our responsibility is to ensure that these systems are highly reliable. We do this by ensuring we never compromise on the technology components we use, an investment that is worth it.

We also strive to own and control every element of what we provide this allows us to be proactive in the way we monitor and manage our services and finally we are fanatical about support ensuring we are responsive to issues and always there for our customers.


Our customers trust us to keep their systems and data safe and this is a responsibility that we take seriously. Our approach to networking is to protect data in motion and we do this by minimising entry points to your network and ensuring we have control of the end-to-end flow of your information.

We have the same ethos in terms of our cloud services, ensuring that your systems and data reside in highly secure UK data centres and that when we provide a ‘private’ cloud environment this is exactly what it is with no compromises.