Private Networks

Private Networks explained:

private networks

Computers that are connected to each other create a network.  These networks are often configured with “public” Internet Protocol (IP) addresses — that is, the devices on the network are “visible” to devices outside the network (from the Internet or another network).  Networks can also be configured as “private” — meaning that devices outside the network cannot “see” or communicate directly to them.

Computers on a public network have the advantage (and disadvantage) that they are completely visible to the Internet.  As such, they have no boundaries between themselves and the rest of the Internet community.  This advantage oftentimes becomes a distinct disadvantage since this visibility can lead to a computer vulnerability exploit — a.k.a., a “hack” — if the devices on the public network are not properly secured.

Why use a Private Network?

amatis believes that for a business data security is the most important aspect in protecting your customers and your company. Loss of data is the biggest contributor to business failure. You can take all sorts of steps to protect yourself, passwords, firewalls, routers etc BUT

The best way to protect yourself is to invest in a private network.

What is a Private Network?

private networks are dedicated to your requirements and is not used by anyone else. The network has IP addresses allocated to it that are not used by anyone else. The network is protected uniquely from all likely threats, nothing is shared with any other company, not firewalls, not routers and not connections.

Why the amatis Private Network?

amatis has invested heavily in ensuring that it has a carrier grade network infrastructure. We don’t white lable, share our network with anyone else or resell other peoples’ networks. We are therefore able to ensure that when we build a network for you that is as unique and dedicated to you as it can be. amatis Private Networks delivers security and performance and value second to none.

Have a look at the video below to hear what our CTO Alex Fossa and some of our customers have to say about the amatis Private Network solutions.