Make amatis Your Next IT Hire

According to a recent Deloitte survey of 500 executives from small to mid-sized business, over half of them, 57%, intend to spend more on IT in the next 12 months than they did in the previous period. The report also showed that around a third of SMEs are looking to spend at least 5% of their entire annual company revenues on IT services and systems.

With this increase in spend comes an increase in IT personnel, with almost half of all respondents indicating that they intended to hire additional IT resources. With employer demand for tech talent routinely outstripping supply, the challenge is finding the right person.

Who should be your next IT hire?

For small businesses this is a real problem. The world of technology is more complex than ever, and it is virtually impossible to find a single person to cover all of the skills required. The person who is an expert at configuring your internal network seldom has the expertise to provide end-user application support and your database administrator is unlikely to have the skills needed for information and cyber security.

The days when small businesses could survive with a ‘jack of all trades’ looking after their IT are quickly passing and as your business grows there is tremendous pressure to grow your IT team at disproportionate rates.

There must be a better way

There most certainly is a better way, for many SMEs this comes from partnering rather than hiring. It will always be difficult to have an internal team that has all the competences that you require now and in the future, so an alternative approach is to augment your team with external experts.

We find organisations struggle to attract and retain quality skills in the areas of connectivity, cloud and security. These areas require specific knowledge, and the level of expertise for those that architect solutions and those who manage them is very different.

By working with a partner such as amatis, organisations not only gain access to an individual with these specific skill sets, but are backed by a complete team that have the required competencies.

On-demand expertise

The beauty of this approach is that you effectively gain on-demand expertise. You are not hiring people for a particular need and when that need reduces you are left with a square peg in a round hole, you are injecting the right expertise, at the right time for the right need.

What’s more, you gain elasticity. The ability to quickly scale up resource to complete a specific task and then scale back when you return to business as usual.

So, if we were to offer advice to SMBs, it would be to invest wisely. By injecting the right expertise from external partners you will make more informed investment decisions, steering a course on your technical journey that delivers the return and advantage that you are looking for.

If you would like to discuss our thoughts on this further, please do not hesitate to contact the amatis team on 0118 321 9944.