For organisations looking to place their servers within a professionally managed data centre environment, amatis offers easily accessible colocation facilities in the Thames Valley. We own and operate data centres in both Reading and Newbury with a further 3rd party facility in Slough.

Each of these data centres are managed to a high standard, with an infrastructure designed to be highly secure, resilient and accessible. We have a broad portfolio of colocation options ranging from a single server in a shared rack through to individually lockable quarter, half and full racks. All complemented with technical, connectivity and services options.

Have a look at our Colocation data sheet.

Stop Press: New Colocation hosting offerings see the data sheet below. Summary features:

  • Data Centres situated on our core network, owned and maintained by amatis
  • Connectivity to the racks delivered over 2 x Cat 6 Ports for resilience
  • Out Of Hours Access included as standard with rack services
  • Native IPv4 & IPv6 addressing
  • “Plus” variants come with a ‘Per Outlet’ remotely manageable PDU rather than per rack
  • Server Monitoring included.
  • Real-time power and bandwidth usage stats.

We are one of the few CSP’s that are able to offer our own Data Centres connected to our own UK network. Our Data Centres are owned and managed by us and located in the Thames Valley . All your data is resident in the UK on our hosted servers and secured to ISO27001.

Reading, Berkshire Data Centre

Our Reading Data Centre, built in 2010, has all the hosted server services you would expect; controlled access, power monitoring, UPS and generator backed.

The Reading, Berkshire Data Centre is diversely routed to our other POP’s and the Internet. The Reading, Berkshire Data Centre is directly connected to our Newbury, Berkshire Data Centre via a 10Gb/s link. The Reading, Berkshire Data Centre is easily accessible from all major travel routes. Our Reading, Berkshire Data Centre support staff are on hand to assist as required. There is a build room available to visiting engineers for the off line testing and build of servers.

Newbury, Berkshire Data Centre

Our Newbury Data Centre was completed in 2013 and has a similar design to the Reading, Berkshire Data Centre. The Newbury, Berkshire Data Centre has hot aisle cold aisle technology together with UPS and generator.

The Newbury, Berkshire Data Centre is diversely connected to the Amatis network and directly connected to our Reading, Berkshire Data Centre via a 10Gb/s link. The Newbury, Berkshire Data Centre is 10 minutes from Junction 13 of the M4 and A34 readily accessible from Swindon, Oxford and Southampton.

amatis offer a range of colocation services:

You can take space in a shared rack and house servers from 1U upward  OR

You can use from 1/4 rack upwards. Each rack or part rack is totally separate and secure so whether you take a quarter, half or full rack each section is lockable making your servers totally separate and secure.

Each rack comes with dual power feeds, remote power monitoring up to 30A and separate data connections.

Have a look at our Colocation data sheet.

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