Hosting Providers

amatis are one of the few CSP’s (Communication Service Providers) that is able to offer our own Data Centres connected to our own UK network. Our Data Centres are owned and managed by amatis. All your data is securely resident in the UK on our hosted servers.

Our Hosting Solutions


Offsite Data Storage

Our Reading Data Centre built in 2010 has all the IT managed services you would expect, controlled access, power monitoring, remote KVM, UPS and generator backed.

The Reading Data Centre is diversely routed to our other Points of Presence (POPs), the Internet and is directly connected to our Newbury Data Centre via a 10Gb/s link. The Reading Data Centre is easily accessible from all major travel routes and our support staff are on hand to assist as required. There is a build room available to visiting engineers for the off-line testing, server and equipment builds.