amatis Football Results for the 2017 season

Well what a fantastic football result for the 2017 season, better than Leicesters’ run into the Premiership last season.

This team is amazing, didn’t lose a single match and scored 49 goals 19 more than any other team in this league. Here is a quote from our very own Ronaldo Tataru:

“I am always happy to be on the score sheet, but I am conscious that I couldn’t do it without my teammates help. I am happy that we managed to finish the season unbeaten and every game we played was good practice for the upcoming Premier league season. We have a team that is ready to win every game and we will give 100% just to be able to bring another trophy back home on Pear Tree Lane. Let’s hope I can score just as many goals as last season and take amatis to win the Premier League because at the end of the day, this is what I do!”

This is the Powerplay league so if you want to have a look at their website and see the full monty please go to amatis powerplay

Here is a picture of the victorious team holding the well deserved cup. Guess the name of the top scorer holding the cup and a super prize might be yours. Answers please to the Manager by email and you will go into the prize draw. Be a winner!!, just like the boys below.

football results 2017

amatis football team 2017

Here are some of the season highlights:

  • We went 4 games without conceding a goal at the beginning of the season, largely due to Edward Lawrence who has missed the last few games with a knee injury, we won every game that he played!
  • Our highest scoring game was an 10-2 win over ‘nice to Michu’
  • We did the double over one team (guess who) 4-1 in the first leg, 5-3 in the second.
  • It is our first title for almost exactly a calendar year! (only 1 day off being exact)
  • We matched our previous record 8 consecutive wins in a row.