Electric Vehicles

The EV (Electric Vehicle) charge point installed at Unit H Newbury for use by us and our customers. You do need to bring your own cable. The charge point has an IEC 62196-2 Type 2 socket with 16A and 32A charge capability.

Amatis Charge Point Newbury

Amatis is embracing the electric vehicle revolution. We have invested in a Nissan Leaf to test the viability of using EV’s in our business.

Amatis Nissan Leaf

The initial experience with the Leaf is encouraging. If you have a commute of up to 60 miles per day then the Leaf is perfect for this mission. With a quoted range of 120 miles but with a practical range of 75 miles on an 80% charge the Leaf is perfect for your commute. When a charge point is installed at your place of work then the effective commute could be even further. The charge point installed at Amatis Newbury will charge the Leaf in 4-6 hours depending on the charger option fitted.

Our experience with the Leaf has been extraordinary. In a year we have done 10,922 miles and 788 trips which averages 11 miles per trip. The average cost per mile has been 2.5 p per mile compared to a car that does 40mpg where the cost is £5.90 per gallon making a mile cost 14.7 p.

So that makes a saving for the year of £1300 on fuel alone let alone the CO2 savings of 3022 kg.

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