Fibre Ethernet Leased Lines

Ethernet fibre leased lines is an industry standard carrier-class service delivered over optical fibre, typically utilised by businesses that require reliable, dedicated and guaranteed bandwidth when it’s needed. Ethernet Fibre are also known as Leased lines in old parlance

Ethernet fibre leased lines

amatis Ethernet Fibre service is a dedicated connection from your business premises straight to the internet. The service is uncontended meaning you don’t have to share with other network users and are guaranteed the bandwidth you purchase whether it is 10Mb/s or 1000Mb/s. Ethernet Fibre or Leased Line service is available as either a standalone line or as part of a fully managed network solution.

For your peace of mind, we can offer AssureNet on all our managed solutions

As a technology Ethernet or Leased line offers high performance and business grade reliability, these large bandwidth links can be delivered over circuits tail of 100Mb/s, 1Gb/s up to 10Gb/s bearers.

The bandwidth on these bearers is then delivered in the required increments giving the customer the flexibility to enable the circuit with the required bandwidth; utilising larger bearers then give businesses the scalability to upgrade the bandwidth in the future to meet the growing connectivity demands as a business develops.

Who is Ethernet Fibre suitable for?

Ethernet is ideal for deploying IP Telephony, transferring large files between branch offices or over the Internet, Cloud services, remote backup or if you simply need a reliable connection with minimal downtime. Ethernet Fibre gives you trouble-free connectivity with fast speeds and 1:1 contention.

Advantages of Ethernet:

  • Bandwidth tailored to your business needs
  • Secure transmission of data
  • Fixed Annual Rental
  • A fully uncontended symmetrical service meaning that both upstream and downstream traffic speeds are identical
  • Standalone line or as part of a fully managed MPLS network
  • Faster and safer upload management for businesses that upload larger amounts of data to the Internet or hold Internet telephone/video conference calls
  • Data Convergence supports both SIP (Voice) and Data
  • Get rock solid reliability with business continuity features as standard
  • Business Grade 24×7 hour Service Level Agreement
  • National reach throughout the UK
  • Totally integrated with amatis Data Centres in Newbury Berkshire, Reading Berkshire and the Thames Valley giving the ultimate in Private Cloud and Private Network implementations.

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