EFM (Ethernet First Mile)

Ethernet First Mile (EFM) was introduced in 2009 and has typically replaced SDSL as a connectivity method, both for Internet access and for connecting to corporate networks. It has a number of advantages over SDSL, in that it can operate at higher speeds and it also offers a degree of resilience.

In terms of price/performance, EFM sits between Ethernet and xDSL as a connectivity solution. EFM is delivered over multiple copper pairs which means a failure on a single pair will slow performance but will not result in an outage.


With over 1,700 exchanges enabled to deliver EFM solutions, amatis Networks, based in Newbury and Reading, Berkshire, can offer this cost-effective service to the majority of business customer sites in the UK.

Since being introduced, EFM has been hugely successful as a result of its wide availability, high throughput capability, price point and genuine business-grade SLA.

EFM benefits at a glance

  • Synchronous bandwidth
  • High Performance
  • Built-in resilience for reliability
  • Uncontended service
  • Cost Effective
  • 8 hour fix Service Level Agreement
  • Maximum speed up to 35Mb/s
  • Presents on RJ45
  • Lead-time between 20 and 90 working days depending on local infrastructure

For further information:

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