Point to Point Ethernet

amatis Networks offers Point to Point Ethernet solutions, also known as Point to Point EAD, between office locations within the same BT exchange or linked Exchange area.

point to point ethernet


Our Ethernet services offer high performance and large bandwidths. Businesses would typically utilise a point to point Ethernet circuit where large amounts of data are being transferred between site locations. For example database replication traffic, Video or Voice.

EAD Point to Point Ethernet circuits always come with fully enabled bandwidth.

EAD Circuit options available are as follows:

  • 100Mb Ethernet (maximum radial distance 25km / 15.5 miles)
  • 1000Mb / 1Gb Ethernet (maximum distance 25km / 15.5 miles)
  • 100Mb Ethernet Extended Reach (maximum radial distance 45km / 28 miles)
  • 1000Mb / 1Gb Ethernet Extended Reach (maximum distance 45km / 28 miles)

Presentation and lead-time

All EAD Ethernet circuits are terminated at the customer’s site into either a rack mountable or wall mounted NTE (Network Termination equipment). From the NTE both the 10Mb and 100Mb Ethernets circuits would be presented to the client’s equipment on RJ45.

1Gb EAD Ethernet circuits would be presented on fibre from the NTE, the customer will require an LC connector for termination into their equipment. Link Loss Forwarding can be enabled in a single direction. The service is capable of transmitting frames conforming to IEEE 802.3 with frame sizes from 64 bytes to a maximum of 2000 bytes as specified in IEEE 802.3 and amendment IEEE 802.3as. Point to Point circuits are layer 2 so these can be terminated directly into the customers LAN equipment (Switch).

EAD Point to Point Ethernet circuits have a lead-time of 65 to 90 working days from order acceptance.


EAD Point to Point Ethernets are inherently secure as these circuits are hard wired at the exchange or multiple exchanges between the client’s site locations. IL2 Security assured, all Point to Point variants meet the security standards required to support Government network bids.

As EAD Point to Point Ethernets are office to Exchange to Office connections these are typically supplied as a wires only service as amatis Networks cannot monitor the circuit’s availability or supply annual supported hardware on point to point circuit, unless the customer has either an additional Internet facing circuit or MPLS/IPVPN or ADSL for monitoring, these circuits must be supplied by amatis Networks in order to enable monitoring.

EAD Point to Point Ethernet 10Mb / 100Mb / 1Gb circuits at a glance:

  • Symmetric / full duplex
  • High Performance, high bandwidth availability (fully enabled)
  • Reliable
  • Fixed Cost / Cost Effective
  • Zero Contention
  • Private and inherently secure – IL2 Assured
  • 24x7x365 Service Level Agreement
  • 10Mb and 100Mb circuits present on RJ45
  • 1000Mb / 1Gb circuits present on Single Mode / Multimode fibre (LC required)Layer 2 so can be configured with VLAN’s (CPE equipment)
  • Installation lead-time is between 65 and 90 working days from order acceptance

Browse our Point to Point Ethernet data sheet amatis Networks PTP Ethernet EAD

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