Connectivity Solutions

amatis Networks provides a number of connectivity solutions to meet your requirements. From a simple ADSL connection to a dedicated managed private network that connects your whole business and business partners across the UK and worldwide.

Using our state of the art, carrier agnostic network, you can utilise ADSL, GEA, EFM or Ethernet circuits for last mile delivery. All these connected over our native IPv6, MPLS enabled network direct to our UK based Data Centres to create your own private, secure, dedicated network.

Any access technology can be combined with an alternate to deliver high availability access diversity and achieve near 100% uptime


Our DSL products, ADSL and FTTC, are exclusively for business service use; we have no consumer customers to ensure that we can provide reliable bandwidth that is SLA backed. Our ADSL usage is uncapped and provides unlimited usage – this is what our customers tell us they need. The usage is subject to a fair usage policy, there to protect all our users and ensure that we can continue to provide a quality service. In those areas where FTTC is available, FTTC will offer a significant increase in speed both download and upload. For critical sites, we offer an 8 Hour ‘restore to service’ 24×7 which is standard on our higher packages.


Generic Ethernet Access, or GEA for short, is an entry-level form of Ethernet connectivity that harnesses copper technology between the premises and the cabinet and then fibre to the exchange, before handing data over to the Ethernet network. By utilising copper for the final access and fibre as the backhaul, costs and installation times are much lower than other Ethernet-based connectivity technologies, but can still achieve symmetrical speeds of up to 20Mb/s.