Case Study High Street Jewellers


DB Modha is a franchisee for a well known high  end  jewellery retailer.

In the highly competitive, retail market, it is imperative that outlets are able to take credit card payments and remain always connected to central accounting and stock systems. Additionally, stores frequently move at the end of property leases, often   to better located sites offering greater foot fall.

Factors such as these contribute to the pressure on stores to ensure uninterrupted trading and mitigate against the time delays of network installation.

DB Modha needed to relocate to a new store, within the same shopping centre. An Ethernet, into amatis MPLS, circuit had been ordered for the new location with the move scheduled during the prime selling period of Christmas and New Year. Due to the short notice period between customer order and required service date, versus the standard lead time of the Ethernet circuit, the new store location was at risk of not having any connectivity over the key trading period.


It was decided to implement amatis’ 4G into MPLS as a rapid deployment solution.

This service establishes a private connection into the customers MPLS core. Being a true end-to-end MPLS solution, it is a secure and private connection and thereby aiding compliance, which is ideal for tills and PDQ machines.

Although, in this instance the solution, was provided as “rapid deployment” it can also be used as a “different technology” back up to fixed line connectivity.

amatis’ solution is based on 4G, direct layer 3 MPLS connectivity. It can be delivered via; a single SIM basic router; Cisco interface for ISR G2 models (Integrated Services Routers) & Cisco (dual SIM) C819G router. Dual mobile carriers are available.

For more details see MPLS.

The key unique features of amatis’ 4G into MPLS are:

  • Less than 24 Hour SIM card activation
  • Direct layer 3 MPLS connectivity
  • Single fixed public IPv4 address or multiple IPs on request
  • Up to 70Mb/s downstream & 35Mb/s upstream
  • SMS in & out support
  • No filtering
  • Dual SIM available (subject to survey) available as failover connectivity using HSRP with dual router or using additional EHWIC card in a Cisco ISRG2

The Outcome

By installing the 4G solution, DB Modha had good quality and secure connectivity for the in store and cloud retail applications (stock gap analysis, finance etc.). The service availability,reliability and performance underpinned a good trading period over Christmas and New Year.

Once  the  Ethernet  circuit  had  been  installed, the 4G router was returned to DB Modha’ HQ,  in readiness for the next store deployment.

The full case study is available in amatis case study V3 DBM

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