Apprenticeships with amatis

amatis is committed to offer apprenticeships on a regular basis to young people who would like a career in Information Technology (IT)


Right now amatis has 4 apprentices out of a total workforce of 14. These apprenticeships are across the board in the Company: Sales, Accounts and Engineering.

Stewart Lawrence amatis COO comments “The apprentices are making a real positive contribution to the success of our business. We have had great co-operation from the Training companies that introduced the apprentices. This will be an on going program within amatis to ensure a steady flow of personnel into the mainstream. amatis also sees this as a way of giving back to our Industry.”

Our latest apprentice to graduate is Marius who is now making a positive contribution to the sales team as you can see from this article from West Berkshire Training Consortium.


Marius joined just over 12 months ago and has applied himself to the task of learning. An extra challenge for him was the language as English is not his native tongue. Marius is now making a positive contribution to the sales effort of amatis and is on of the people that our sales team rely on to back them up and ensure that they can close deals and offer the best customer support in the Industry.

If you want to know more just have look at our jobs page.