4G or 5G that’s the question

The government should ignore the 5G hype and invest its £700m funding earmarked for the technology on ubiquitous 4G technology instead, a top telecoms expert has urged.

4G or 5G , Professor William Webb, former director of the regulator Ofcom, has warned that there is no clear rationale for 5G’s one-hundred-times-faster speeds, and one-thousand-times-faster capacity.

“We will need ten times current speeds in the future, but most of that will be delivered in the 4G era,” he said. Continue reading


5 reasons to use the “Cloud”

Internet-based computing is now called cloud computing. Here are 5 Reasons to use the “Cloud”. 

cloud computing


Earlier, applications or programs were run from software downloaded on a physical computer in the building, but cloud computing gives access to the same kinds of applications through the internet.

When you post anything on Facebook, you are using cloud computing. Again you are in the cloud when you check online transactions. Many small businesses rely on cloud computing to solve their regular challenges whether it’s about firing off emails on the move or using various apps to manage their workloads. Continue reading


EV’s will help the UK Power Network

EV’s are set to support and enhance the UK Power Generation Network.

I wrote this blog just to show you a picture of the new Nissan Leaf EV, it’s just so cool

Nissan Leaf Nismo 2018

Nissan Leaf Nismo 2018 Photo Nissan

If you want to see more of this amazing Leaf Nismo have a look at this blog

However on a more serious note it is said that EV’s will disrupt the UK Power Grid and put unsustainable load on the network.

Never fear by the time that EV’s are everywhere there will be a myriad solutions to the problem, spurred on by the Internet of Things. Continue reading


Nissan Leaf Nismo 2018

Nissan Is Making a High-Performance Nismo Version of its All-Electric Leaf

Is the age of the electric hot hatch finally upon us?

Nissan Leaf Nismo

Nissan Leaf Nismo 2018 Photo Nissan

Nissan revealed the second generation of its all-electric Leaf hatchback earlier this month, with an output of 147 horsepower and 236 lb.-ft. of torque, as well as an estimated range of 230 miles. That’s all well and good, but what’s suddenly got us interested is an upcoming, high-performance Nismo version. Continue reading


Stay safe on line


Every day that goes by we read of another security breach. Although it is our individual responsibility to stay, as far as we can, safe on-line, corporations that make money from our internet activity have a duty to design privacy solutions that work for us all.

stay safe on-line

I have reproduced a letter from Mozilla that is self explanatory. Please take the time to read and distribute. Perhaps those mega corporations will take some of the profit they make from us to ensure that cyber space is a secure place for all. Continue reading


Wi-fi security flaw ‘puts devices at risk of hacks’

The wi-fi connections of businesses and homes around the world are at risk, according to researchers who have revealed a major flaw dubbed Krack.

Wi-Fi Data Security

It concerns an authentication system which is widely used to secure wireless connections.

Experts said it could leave “the majority” of connections at risk until they are patched.

The researchers added the attack method was “exceptionally devastating” for Android 6.0.

A Google spokesperson said: “We’re aware of the issue, and we will be patching any affected devices in the coming weeks.”

The US Computer Emergency Readiness Team (Cert) has issued a warning on the flaw.

“US-Cert has become aware of several key management vulnerabilities in the four-way handshake of wi-fi protected access II (WPA2) security protocol,” it said.

“Most or all correct implementations of the standard will be affected.”

For a more detailed look at this vulnerability have a look at Krack’s Website

This was alerted on the BBC article 

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