4G into MPLS

4G into MPLS

4G connectivity solution is based on direct layer 3 MPLS connectivity. It can be delivered via; single SIM basic router, Cisco card (dual SIM) for 1900 and 2900 routers & Cisco (dual SIM) 819G router. Dual mobile carriers are available.

If you require to get a site up and running quickly, or if you want a back up service but with different technology from the primary, then 4G into MPLS is the answer.  This solution presents a secure private network connection (layer 3) as opposed to standard 4G to WWW.

SIMs can be activated within 24 hours. The solution has as standard, a single public IPv4.  The connectivity, subject to network coverage, is up to 70Mb/s downstream and up to 35Mb/s upstream.

In summary, this is unique technology which can be deployed rapidly, is secure (especially for till and PDQ connections) and can be used as a “different technology” back up.

Featured Benefits:

  • Rapid, secure deployment
  • Secure private network
  • Direct Layer 3 MPLS Connectivity
  • Up to 70Mb/s downstream and 35Mb/s upstream
  • Unique technology as a backup

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